Five tips to help you become a more Positive Leader

Postive Leadership

Studies suggest that a staggering 63% of those in managerial positions feel that their leadership skills are barely there. Unfortunately, it’s a difficult balance to create because whilst many managers are in their positions because they are the best at what they do, they’re not always good at managing other people’s careers.

There lies the difference between a regular boss and a leader. A leader not only carries out their own work to a high standard but can help others to do the same – creating a more productive working environment. If you’re struggling to manage successfully, follow these five tips to nurture your skills and become a more positive leader for your team.

1. Build Positive Relationships
A team isn’t a team without positive relationships and it takes a leader to build upon these. Being a positive leader is about bringing everyone together to create a harmonious working environment.

It has been proven that good relationships between co-workers are directly linked to stress reduction. This is because our brains release oxytocin into our blood when we interact positively with others and oxytocin is the key to reducing anxiety and inducing pleasure.

As a manager, you should be finding ways to promote these positive interactions, making your team members happier.

2. Nurture Strengths
It’s an old piece of advice but a relevant one – nurture people’s strengths, not their weaknesses. It’s all too easy to complain to a co-worker if something they are doing is harmful to your business. However, it’s important to give praise as well as constructive criticism, to build upon a person’s strengths.

Constant negative energy will lead to a team member no longer having faith in themselves or their ability to do their job and you may just lose a fantastic employee.

3. Be Mindful of your Colleagues
As a positive leader, you have to be mindful of your colleagues’ attitudes and emotions.

Both issues at home and issues at work can create an unpleasant atmosphere in the office. As a positive leader, it is your job to understand why your colleagues are upset and what you can do to help them. Often, those at work will not complain or seek to find answers about issues they have in the office because they are frightened of the repercussions.

It’s your job to ensure everyone knows that if they have a problem, they can come and talk to you without repercussions and that you’ll always try your best to fix the problem.

4. Find Hope in Your Tasks
Sometimes it can seem that there is no end in sight. Whether it’s a big project that needs to be finished or just getting to the end of a difficult week, as a leader you have to give your colleagues the hope they need to finish what they have started.

A positive leader breeds hope and in turn, hope breeds the motivation to carry on. Even if the task seems impossible, your co-workers will continue to try their hardest with guidance and good management.

5. Give Purpose
Most people crave some kind of purpose within their careers. Whether it’s working in a multinational insurance company or a boutique media company in the city centre, giving purpose is something you must learn if you want to become a positive leader.

Much like customers, your team members want to feel as if their comments, hard work and commitment to your company are valued and that their contributions to the team are making a difference. A positive leader will always find a way to show their colleagues just how well all of their hard work is paying off and reward them for the commitments they have made to the company.

It’s not always easy to be everything at once but by taking it one step at a time, you can use these tips to become a more positive leader, both now and in the future.