How to make your office millennial friendly?

Millennial Friendly workspace

In most industries, millennials (those born sometime between 1980 and the early 2000s) make up a large proportion of the workforce. It therefore makes sense to tailor your office space to meet the needs and desires of this group, to promote a happier and healthier work place. If your office is in need of a millennial makeover, consider these five points to make your space a more engaging place to work.

Say goodbye to the cube

Cube office spaces are a thing of the past. It’s been proven that they are not effective work spaces and that they do nothing to promote a lively and positive atmosphere in your office. For a more motivating workday, millennials crave the kind of interaction that is lost with high, separating walls.

If you’re worried about productivity going down in an open plan office, you should try not to be. An extra chatty office will not necessarily decrease productivity but it will help millennial team members to feel like they’re part of a supportive and engaging team.

Avoid harsh hierarchy

Of course all workplaces need some form of hierarchy, as team members need to know they have some support higher up from time to time. However, the days of the big bad boss and the younger, inexperienced team member are over.

Millennials do not respond positively to being shouted at or belittled by someone more senior than them, just because they are less experienced. It’s not nice nor is it fair and you should instead work to promote a more encouraging office atmosphere that delivers a firm but understanding approach to all team members.

Combine communal with private

Once you’ve ditched the working cube idea, you’ll want to consider a layout that encourages interaction but still allows for privacy when it is needed. Millennials crave interaction but there is also a need for private working areas from time to time.

Companies like Google have adopted fluid working spaces, where their offices are sectioned into regular communal working areas and private ‘pods’ that are designed specifically for times when a more secluded working space is needed.

Areas like this allow millennial team members to move around more freely, taking private time as and when it is needed whilst still feeling supported in their open plan office environment.

Display the benefits

This is important both inside and outside of the office environment. Millennials are well versed when it comes to searching for jobs on sites such as Linkedin and pay attention to the benefits each company and each role has to offer. It is therefore important to display the perks that hard work can bring throughout a millennials time at your company.

Traditional noticeboards are a little old school, but small reminders of what your company offers for hard work and a great attitude can go a long way to increasing productivity.

Invest in the space

By buying better quality furniture you’ll not only ensure your office space looks more inviting but you’ll also be investing in your team members health.

With many employees working long hours at their desks every day, back problems can become a real issue. Bland decorations and discomfort at work does not lead to productivity, so be sure to spend out to stimulate the young minds that spend most of their day in your office.