Setting up company objectives to grow your business

Business Planning

Setting up company objectives for your business can often seem like an endless task. They can be time consuming and even when set, they certainly aren’t always followed. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your company reaches its desired goals. As a leader, it is imperative that you keep things as simple as possible for your team and always try to keep the amount of company objectives you set to a minimum.

Considering every department, whilst keeping it simple

To start things off, you might want to consider setting separate goals for each of your main departments. Although they might be labelled as ‘company objectives’, every good leadership team knows that each department will be working towards a different outcome.

Although they take on many roles, those in the marketing department are ultimately there to generate new leads for your business. Therefore, it makes sense to set objectives for your marketing department that revolve around doubling or tripling high quality leads for the company.

Similarly, your service and sales teams will have their own goals so you’ll want to try and improve the volume of sales made, as well as your customer satisfaction rate. It’s always better to set your sights high and aim for goals that at first may seem unachievable. Even if you don’t reach these goals fully by the end of the year, you’ll almost certainly do better than if you goals were set lower.

Setting singular company objectives for each of your departments is a simple but sure fire way to improve your businesses profitability and outreach.

Keeping track of your objectives

There are two ways you can ensure that your company objectives stay on track and that everyone within the organisation is kept up to date.

Firstly, you might want to consider maintaining a system that keeps track and reports on your leads and customer sales. There are a range of ready-made systems out there that can help you to keep an eye on how well your company is doing from month to month. These customer relationship management systems (CRM) allow you to see how close you are to reaching your yearly or quarterly objectives.

Secondly, it often helps to schedule report meetings for different departments at the same time. Although this might sound difficult and even unnecessary, a companywide meeting helps to get everyone on the same page. This time can be used to discuss previous targets and improvements for future months.

It’s important to remember that keeping every member of your team informed, is the key to successfully setting up and completing your company objectives.